HCN & NO2 Sensors Now Available for the GX-3R Pro

RKI is pleased to announce the availability of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) sensors for the GX-3R Pro. These 2 sensors are in stock and are the latest in toxic gas options added to the line of GX-3R Pro sensors.

HCN is often a by-product of burning plastics and synthetic polymers. After plastics have burned, HCN will off-gas which makes monitoring HCN important for firefighters.  A GX-3R Pro configured to 4-gas plus HCN makes an ideal solution for firefighters.  The GX-3R Pro’s HCN sensor has a range of 0 – 30.0 ppm.

NO2 is commonly generated from the burning of fuel, especially diesel fuel.  The GX-3R Pro’s NO2 sensor has a range of 0 – 20.0 ppm.  The GX-3R Pro can be ordered with HCN or NO2 installed or one of these sensors can be added to an existing GX-3R Pro.  See ordering information below for 


Ordering Information

Part# Description
72-PAD-C GX-3R Pro, 5 gas, LEL / O2 / combo H2S & CO/ NO2 20.0 ppm with 100-240 VAC charger
72-PAE-C GX-3R Pro, 5 gas, LEL / O2 / combo H2S & CO/ HCN 30.0 ppm with 100-240 VAC charger

 Sensors and Filters

ESR-A13D-HCN Sensor, Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 0-30.0 ppm
33-7137 H2S filter disk for HCN sensor, CF-A13D-2, GX-3R Pro, 1 each
73-0053-O3   SC-8000 toxic gas detector, Ozone (O3), 0 – 1.0 ppm, Li-ion type 
ESR-A13D-NO2 Sensor, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0-20.0 ppm
33-7134 H2S Scrubber disk for SO2 and NO2 sensor (pack of 5)