GX-6000 Firmware Update

The following instructions are for loading firmware into the GX-6000 in the field with an IR cable and then loading the PID library into the GX-6000 if it needs it. The PDF files have detailed instructions for the update procedure.

Note the following:

Do not perform a FACTORY DEFAULT in Factory Mode or the PID library which is stored in flash memory will be wiped clean. If this happens, the PID library will have to be loaded again. After loading the new firmware and library (if needed), check the PID alarm points. If they don’t look right, go into Display Mode and select the PID gas again. I recommend using the Legassic cable, but the Actisys IR2002UL will probably work also if that’s all you have and want to try it.


downloadMOT file ZIP 612KB, This file is needed during the firmware update procedure. rev.06708

Firmware Update Instructions

  1. 1. Download the FW Updater and MOT zip files from the links below.
  2. 2. Unzip both of the zipped folders.
  3. 3. Follow the instructions in the IrDA Reprogramming Instructions.pdf to load the firmware. The FlashSelf.exe file is located in the FW Updater.zip.
  4. 4. Use the downloaded MOT file in step 10 of the Reprogramming Instructions.

PID List Loader Instruction

  1. 1. Download the PID List loading Zip file.
  2. 2. Unzip the PID List loading zip file.
  3. 3. Install the PID Gas List Editor Program by double clicking setup.exe located in the PID folder to install the program.
  4. 4. Load the PID gas list into the instrument. Follow the instructions in PID List Loader Instructions.pdf.