AirLink 5900 Analog to Wireless Converter

Analog to Wireless Converter


  • Convert any 4-20mA signal to wireless

  • Wireless communication
    900 MHz radio and 52 networks
    2.4 GHz radio and 78 networks

  • Operating voltage: 12V to 35V

  • Graphical LCD with LED backlight, readable in sunlight

  • 3 Push-button interface (ADD, MENU, SUB) with 3 corresponding magnetic, non-intrusive switches

  • Aluminum enclosure

  • Connectivity with any 4-20 mA sensor

  • 1-Year warranty


The AirLink 5900 converts any 4-20 mA signal into a wireless signal including gas, flame, tank level and many other sensor types. The AirLink 5900 is wire-powered operating from 12 to 35 Volts DC. Magnetic switches allow for non-intrusive controls of full system settings and diagnostics.

The AirLink 5900 Analog to Wireless Converter represents the latest leading edge wireless technology in fixed gas detection today.


  • Petrochemical plants, refineries

  • Water & wastewater treatment plants

  • Pulp & paper mills

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Chemical plants

  • Construction

  • Temporary or permanent applications


Sensor Type 4-20 mA Signal transmitter
Operating Voltage 12V to 35V DC
Power Type Wire powered
RF Connection External N-female radio frequency (RF) connector
Display Screen 102×64 Resolution graphical LCD screen transflective (sunlight readable) with LED backlight
Interface 3 Push-buttons (MENU, ADD and SUB)

3 Magnetic non-intrusive switches for calibration (MENU, ADD and SUB)

Customizable Settings Transmits a 4-20 signal or scale up to 30,000 adjustable communication
transmission on change setting
Temperature Range -40°C to +54°C
Wireless Radio Options 900 MHz radio or 2.4 GHz
Networks 52 Networks (900 MHz radio) or 78 networks (2.4 GHz radio)

255 addresses per network

Product Dimensions 5.42 in. L x 6.03 in. D x 12.16 in. H (Max. dimensions with attachments)
Total Weight 4.8 lbs.
Hazardous Location


Main Enclosure ATEX

Models with radio option II 2 (1) G

Ex db mb ia [ia Ga IIB T6 Gb

Ta= -40°C to +54°C


Class I, Div 1, Groups C & D

Ex db IIB T6 Gb

Class I, Zone 1, AEx db IIB T6 Gb

Tamb -40°C to +54°C

Compatible Controllers AirLink 7010, AirLink 7032, and AirLink 7543
Warranty 1-Year limited


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AirLink 5900 Datasheet

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